Sunday, July 22

City of Dreams
City of Dreams.

Most have to be earned,
Many have to be battled for,
Many have to be persevered to gain.

It evolves according to the circumstances we weather.

Sometimes, to achieve a few, we have to let others go.
But still, never give up on your dream.

Focus on it, wake up, and start living it.

Aim for the moon, even if you miss you'll hit the stars.

Thursday, May 31


The arc.

Never felt so stressed and sick and tired in a long time. It's one of those days where I just can't take it anymore and want to just let it all out. I didn't expect myself to wish there was someone I can talk to. 

What sucks more than a bike fall is getting scolded for riding it wrong. Heart ache.

Sun, I miss your warmth. 
And the rainbow you bring.

Wednesday, March 14

Some may call it paradise.

The underworld.

Teaser picture. ;)

Well this post is about a day trip to Mornington Peninsula on the 10th. My pictures will tell you the story. Click on the images for more information. Like date and time taken, etc. Or just hover your mouse to see the captions. You know the drill.
Enjoy. :)

The company.

The many trees along the way.

A very boring start to the journey. Maybe not for those who appreciate greens.

More Trees

The scene after walking 34758 miles. = =

Finally, some water came into perspective.

Finally some water. I almost teared.

Cattle Jetty

The rock.

Northern region of the peninsula.

But now that I think of it, there is one good thing about this kinda storyline/journey.

It can only get better!  :D

Looks like the great wall, doesn't it?

I have two Canons.

How appropriate. I do have two Canons right now.
Notice the capital C. 


Not the canon you are thinking. lol

Center of attention.


Stairway up to lots and lots of trees.

Gun placement bunker.

Once upon a time there was a huge ass canon.

Roof - Steel shield.

Lazy bums.

Lazy bums. (nah. i was jealous.)


I flew, because I believed.

I flew, because I believed.


Nature porn.

Monday, February 27

Second first day. Getting my hands dirty again.

Yours Truly

Arbitrary picture to make this post a little less boring. 
Credits to Jess :)

Just want to keyboard-down a few thoughts of my second first day of work in this company i'm now working in. Won't give out much details for privacy's sake. 

The day started out BAD. It was raining since before I woke up this morning, drizzling for a minute and pouring the next. Forgetting where I left my umbrella I had to leave in the rain with a jacket on. To cut my long journey to work short, I arrived the office with water squirting out of my shoes. 

Everything was pretty normal back there. Things start going uphill. Got to meet a few new staff.

Few conversations I had today were pretty uplifting.

"Ah, so this is the legendary Sherman everyone's talking about. Nice to finally meet you!"

"Glad to have you back!"

"Wow, that looks shmick!" (A new word I learnt today. I'm currently assigned to do some physical modeling.)

And one particular one towards the end of the day:

"Hey Sherman, first day of work and I'm already hearing positive comments of you!"

"Really? What have I done?"

"I don't know but whatever it is, keep doing it!"

I love how they are generous with kind words. Gets me motivated. :)

And guess what. It started raining when it was time to get home. So you know how I was when I reached home. That's Melbourne for you guys. 

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